Welcome to Millom, Cumbria’s second Fairtrade town.

Fair trade goods guarantee producers a living wage for their produce. If you buy only part of your monthly coffee intake, or only part of your monthly chocolate supplies, or only one item of shopping from fairly traded sources, it can deliver an enormous improvement to an individual’s life elsewhere.

The Fair Trade campaign in Millom is overseen the steering group, entitled “Millom Fairtrade, Local and Global” or “Millom FLAG”.

Congratulations Millom!

Millom FLAG has been given the award for “the Most Inspiring Fairtrade Town in the North Region”.  The award was made at the North Regional Conference, held in Sunderland in September 2014.

The choice of Millom for this award was based on the following citation offered by the Cumbria Fair Trade Network:

The Millom Group has always been an inspiration to all other groups in Cumbria and taught us so much about grassroots campaigning, and how to reach every corner of the community.  From the very first meeting of CFTN in January 2004 to the most recent Open Day in April 2014, they have surprised and delighted us with their inventiveness and creativity: from making a large Fairtrade logo drawn in the sand by local school children on a nearby beach (and somehow acquiring a cherry picker from which to photograph it!), to their recent reincarnation as ‘Millom Fairtrade Local and Global’.  Since their inception they have banged the local drum alongside Fairtrade and won much support in so doing in an area where farmers were badly affected by Foot and Mouth in 2001.  Probably more than any other group in Cumbria they have embedded their campaign in the local community, and throughout they have always managed to keep their Town Council on board.  At their recent 10th Birthday Celebration (they were the second community in Cumbria to receive the award), no less than 6 past mayors were present!  There is no other group in the county which has that pulling power!