Frequently Asked Questions

What is fair-trade?
Fairly traded goods are bought from third-world producers at a fair price, something that doesn’t happen very often now. This money helps the farmers and crafter’s to improve their homes, send their children to school, afford better health-care and medicines and expand their businesses.

Why doesn’t everybody trade fairly already?
People living in small communities in third-world countries often find that people will not pay them fair prices for their goods and produce, simply because people feel their businesses are too small and remote to be taken seriously. They are often taken advantage of by crooked middlemen and by international trading laws. Most major supermarkets don’t like to buy fairly traded goods because they feel that the higher prices will drive away customers. At the moment, there are only a few groups of people who buy and sell fair-trade products.

How can I recognize fair-trade products?
All fairly traded goods carry the fair trade mark, which is easily recognized and normally in large print on the packaging of the products. All products carrying this mark have passed strict Fairtrade criteria in both quality and price, meaning that the Fairtrade mark not only indicates a better life for producers in third-world countries, but good quality as well.

Why should I buy Fairtrade products when I can buy the same items for less?
Fairtrade goods not only ensure a better life for families in places like Africa , Asia and South America , but also are better quality than cheaper items of the same kind. Fairtrade foods have been grown to as high a standard as possible, to give them a higher value. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients found in cheaply priced foods have been grown as cheaply as possible, normally by lowering the quality. Fairtrade food also tends to be healthier and organic as well.

What foods can I buy Fairtrade?
These are the most common Fairtrade goods: Chocolate, Bananas, Mangoes, Oranges , Fruit juice, Wine, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa . But there are also many types of food available, such as rice, marmalade and many more.

Can I buy any other Fairtrade goods apart from food?
Yes. Fairtrade also make healthy snack food, like Geobars and many more. There are also Fairtrade gift charities, such as Tearfund, Oxfam and Tradecraft.

Millom a Fairtrade town? What does that mean?
Early2004, Millom was declared a Fairtrade town. This means that it has fulfilled all of the criteria set by the Fairtrade agencies. Many Millom shops and businesses had to start using and selling Fairtrade food. Where can I get Fairtrade goods in Millom? Many Millom shops sell Fairtrade food, including Somerfields, Co-op and the health food shop. Some of the churches also sell Fairtrade food on a regular basis. There are also special Fairtrade events held in Millom selling Fairtrade food and goods. You can also subscribe to Tearfund and Traidcraft Fairtrade catalogues.

How can I get involved with Fairtrade?
You can get involved with Fairtrade by talking to people at your local Fairtrade stalls, or by contacting Peggy Troll (01229 772603) or Beryl Newbold (01229 772563). Your help would be deeply appreciated